Snowmobile Care: Essential Maintenance Tips

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Image Credit: Наталья Коллегова / Pixabay

If you enjoy riding your snowmobile over snowy hills, it's important to ensure its longevity and minimize the need for frequent repairs. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, here are essential care and maintenance tips to keep your snowmobile in top condition and ensure your safety in the snow.

Give Your Sled a Thorough Check

Take the time to inspect your sled carefully. Using a wrench, tighten any loose bolts or screws you come across. Examine the chassis hardware and apply grease to the front and rear suspension, drivetrain, and steering components as needed.

Replace Chaincase Lube

The chaincase is a crucial component of your snowmobile, housing the jackshaft, chain, and driveshaft. Regularly changing the lube inside is vital for maintaining optimal performance. Replace the chaincase lube with fresh oil every year to prevent grit from accumulating and keep your engine running smoothly. Drain the lube through the designated plug or by removing the casing. Check the sprockets and chain for damage if you notice low fluid levels.

Adjust Chain Tension

While accessing the chaincase, ensure the chain is adjusted to the manufacturer's specifications. Proper chain tension is especially important if your snowmobile has a mechanical reverse system. A loose chain can cause difficulties when engaging gears and may lead to engine failure. Aim for about a quarter of an inch of free play in the chain. Verify the chain deflection by squeezing the brake and turning the secondary clutch.

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Image Credit: Наталья Коллегова / Pixabay

Inspect the Drive Belt

Regularly inspecting your drive belt is crucial to avoid being stranded on a trail. Check the lugs or teeth of the belt before each ride. If you notice fraying or significant wear, it's a clear sign that the belt is nearing failure and needs immediate replacement.

Check Carbides

Carbides play a vital role in steering your snowmobile accurately and ensuring safety. Over time, carbides wear down, increasing the risk of breakdowns or crashes. Inspect the condition of your carbides by removing them from the skis. Look for deterioration, missing pieces, and sharp edges that could catch on hazards. Replace worn carbides with spare runners, readily available at parts stores.

Align Skis and Adjust the Track

Proper alignment of your skis and adjustment of the track are essential for optimal sled performance. Misalignment can decrease power transmission and increase rolling resistance. Ensure the track is aligned and adjust the tension accordingly. Toeing in or out of skis can affect the sled's stability and maneuverability, so make sure they are aligned correctly to avoid accidents.

Don't Neglect the Hyfax

The Hyfax, the slippery covering on the suspension rails, allows the track to move smoothly without friction. Worn Hyfax can cause irreversible damage to the rails and track. Check the wear limit line on the outer edge of the Hyfax, and if it measures less than ⅛", it's time to replace it.

outdoor weatherproof snowmobile cover

Use a Snowmobile Cover

Protecting your snowmobile from debris and potential damage is simple with a quality aftermarket snowmobile cover. Even during storage, your sled can be vulnerable to wear and tear. Invest in a snowmobile cover to prolong its lifespan. Browse our selection of high-quality covers and use our dropdown menu to find the perfect fit for your snowmobile.

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